Since moving to the Seacoast, I have broadened my beer horizons!

I used to only drink fruity beers that bear a close resemblance to juice (think Seadog Blueberry and Blue Moon Mango). Slowly but surely, I have started dabbling in Sours, Hefeweizens, and even some Stouts! My husband, Steven, is big into the craft beer scene, and there is plenty of it here in New Hampshire.

On Airbnb, I stumbled upon an awesome and unique craft beer tour right in Portsmouth!

The host, Neil, is a proud resident of downtown Portsmouth and the owner of a 1968 VW Bus (or as former guests call it, the Magical #NachoBus). He takes his groups to three local breweries (which are subject to change), and they do a tasting at each one.

The breweries on the agenda can vary from Liars Bench, Great Rhythm, Earth Eagle, and/or Portsmouth Brewery, Stoneface, Loaded Question, or Cisco. Neil provides pearls of wisdom, great snacks, and a tailored local beer experience. He gets rave reviews from tourists and locals alike!

The tours are $68 a person, and Neil appears to have some openings at the beginning of April. What a fun activity to look forward to for the spring!

Check out the full listing of Neil's experience here:

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