Once again it's Super Bowl time and once again the New England Patriots are in it. This will be the ninth Super Bowl appearance for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, and the 3rd Super Bowl game played by the Patriots in four years. That alone is an incredible accomplishment. It's unheard of in the NFL. And to add five Super Bowl rings on top of all that already is absurd! But it's done. Brady has actually done it. And this Sunday he goes for ring number 6 on what many thought would be his last NFL game played. Brady quickly squashed those rumors by saying there is zero chance he will retire after the Super Bowl. Leaving the rest of the nation in tears because they know that when Brady is on the field, their team doesn't stand a chance.

That being said there is a lot of hate towards the Patriots. A lot. If you're not a fan of New England you are fed up with seeing the Patriots win the AFC Championship and go to the Super Bowl year after year. Too bad.

The Patriots know this. They know they are constantly hated and under a microscope. They know people are going to do anything they can to get in the heads of the players.

So the team decided to take no chances when it comes to getting their rest and down time at the hotel in Atlanta before the game Sunday evening. According to Fox Sports Radio host R.J. Bell, the hotel the Patriots are staying at is being guarded by armed military men ahead of their Super Bowl!

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