My plans are to eat shish-kabobs while keeping about 6 feet away from my family members. Not exactly a wild time. That's why I'm looking to Shark Nation for help!


In the late 70's and early 80's my family would spend the Fourth on Silver Street in Dover. There were about a half dozen houses that all had a makeshift backyard block party with potato sack races, horseshoe tournaments and a ton of great barbecue and baked goods.

At dusk, we'd all walk down the road to Woodman Park School and enjoy what I remember being a professional level fireworks display.

Times have certainly changed. And this year, WOW have they ever changed.

Heading to Connecticut for the 4th of July weekend to see my grandson. Have not seen him since March. - Lou on Facebook

Way to go Lou! I always joke that I haven't been within 100 yards of my Nana in 5 months, but that's not really true. Spending time with the family is still very much an option as long as you stay cautious.

Staying home. Hope to catch some fireworks on TV. I believe Macy’s is having fireworks hosted by John Legend. No Boston Pops this year. Boo hiss. - Lynn on Facebook

With The Red Sox just starting workouts again and very little happening in the sports world, I'm starved for entertainment and will probably channel surf between this show and PBS at 8pm for A Capitol Fourth.

feedin Mar, Todd Edwards, unckie bobby francis, auntey lucinder. mebbe get some new straw berreys. Life bee good. - Wayne EdWard Todd on Facebook

Wayne has got his plans in place! This is by far my favorite submission and there ain't no mebbe about it!

Happy Fourth Of July!

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