Sometimes I do things that I shouldn't do, like looking up how many calories an Easter dinner is.

What I should have done is look before yesterday's meal, but NO, I had to look it up today. I'll just give you the bad news, New Englanders: It's THOUSANDS of calories.

This one story I read at Good Housekeeping said over 5,000!! C'mon, really?!! That is crazy. The article ran down a typical Easter dinner, so I thought, OK, I don't cook a lot, so surely I won't have everything on their list. I was wrong.

Their list had ham, mac & cheese, scalloped potatoes, corn, carrots and dinner rolls. I had all those things!! Over 5,000 calories?!!

Upon further investigation, I discovered that they also counted the Cadbury Crème eggs and all the other candy. Thank goodness.

Also, all the recipes for holidays usually start with, "get a stick of butter and stick it to your thighs." So, I guess now I know.

Next time, I'll check the calories FIRST!! EEESH!

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