Today's story about some guy eating 30,000 Big Macs triggered an equally amazing gastronomic tale from my Cousin Danny, which happened in Cape Neddick, ME. Do you think you can put down this many Flo's Hot Dogs?

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Apparently his dining companion was a picky eater and refused to consume hot dogs that had mayonnaisse upon them. The quote is as follows:

'One Friday about 12 years ago, I had 8 or 10 Flo's Hot Dogs. I brought a friend of mine that couldn't get past the mayo on the hotdogs so he gave me his 3. '

- Cousin Danny

To put this in perspective, I once won a hot dog eating competition by eating 8 hot dogs in the allotted ten minute time period. I honestly never thought I'd eat another hot dog again.

Danny had to have initially ordered AT LEAST 7 dogs to make this math work. Very impressive.

The quote goes on.

'He then stopped at Wild Willy's so I figured I'd join him there. I then had  a double cheeseburger, cheese fry, frappe and a sarsaparilla? I have issues!' - Cousin Danny

I don't know about the issues part, but I have pride in reading this kind of Herculean eating display!

It makes me feel ok about the hamburger I ordered on top of my two Big Macs today because I needed something to tide me over on the ride back to the station!

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