'In New Hampshire' are the operative words. With timing being everything, my first attempt at defrosting this iceberg was not a success.

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There are two crucial meteorological factors that are my biggest foes.

A) Temperature

B) Precipitation

Last Friday the rain held off but the temperature barely got into the '50s. I rolled the mini fridge into the faded sunlight using a dolly and after 4 or 5 hours in the elements, I was happy to discover that some melting did occur.

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But not much.

You can make out that there is an aluminum tray now.

Compare with the original below.

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Tomorrow's temps are predicted to be in the '60s. I'm thinking if I get a jump on rolling the fridge out there in the early morning, enough melting will happen that I'll be able to slide or crack a sizable piece of this iceberg out.

Hopefully enough so that the shelf behind it can be accessed.

Next summer, on the FIRST day where the thermometer hits the '80s?

This whole process will take two hours tops.

Of course, it being New England, we may hit the '90s in late November!