Sarah and I reached a big milestone last week and I wanted to give her an Anniversary card. I achieved this goal while fully observing the guidelines to prevent the spread of any germs.

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Step One

Send the person a photo text of the card with their name on the envelope. A couple months ago I always thought it was fun to put cards somewhere in plain sight but in an area where the person you're giving the card to wouldn't see it right away.

Texting a picture of a card works similarly.

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Step Two

Once the card recipient discovers the text, the next two steps happen quickly.

Send a photo of the outside of the card.

Wait 12 seconds. Not 11 nor 13.

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Step Three

Send the photo of the inside of the card complete with your personal message.

You never even have to lick the envelope!

About six months from now I'll be able to safely hand this card to Sarah (hopefully) and probably get credit for doing so!

It's a greeting card that you can give and get twice!