It's easy to do, yet people still manage to do it improperly. I've got what you need to say and what order to say it in, RIGHT HERE!

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1.  How Many

Just loudly and clearly proclaim how many hot dogs you want, that's it.

Whatever you do, DO NOT say anything else when asked 'How Many?'. It make take a few minutes before you're asked the all important follow up question.

2. How Do You Want Them

There are two basic choices, 'House Special' and 'The Loaded' and you can also custom order your dogs at this point.

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You are expected to follow up with any chips or drinks that you'd like as well.

For instance, I was asked

"How Do You Want The Four?"

and I replied

"All Loaded With A Sprite"

The hot dogs were wrapped two by two in napkins and placed perfectly in a brown paper bag.

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The combination of their famous relish, mayo and sweet onions made my Monday magnificent!