Ok, so you win $1000 in the Shark's 'Put a Grand in Your Hand' contest. Now what?  I've got some tips on how you can blow through that found money like it was never yours.


Everybody knows that money doesn't solve every problem, in fact it more than likely will create more problems. Who needs that? The following activities cost at least a grand to do. Here are some I'd like to do.

Have you ever wanted to drive a 20 ton excavator? Me too. You can for 90 minutes at Dig This in Vegas. It's all I dreamed about while I was in my sandbox.

You can also channel your inner James Bond and Iron Man and fly with a jet pack? At Jet Pack America in San Diego and Newport Beach you can for 2 hours at a height of 30 ft.

Here are some other ways to spend $1000. Keep listening to The Shark and you might need this list. Good Luck!

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