I finally played a couple hours worth of Keno at NH's hottest 'Keno 603' location '2 Doors Down' in Somersworth. AND I WON!

Train Images
Train Images

According to nhlottery.com, the odds of winning a '9 spot' Keno bet are better than winning an 8 spot, so, that's how my decision was made.

On the fifth game of this ticket, I hit numbers 01, 02, 33, 54 AND 73 for a $10 win! Just FOUR NUMBERS AWAY FROM $80,000!

My cousin swears by 'Keno Plus' which costs an extra $1 and features a fun bonus wheel that spins before each game and can multiply your winnings by 10 times.

There are 20 total numbers selected on each 'Keno 603' game out of a field of 80.

Feed your money in first, THEN put in your easy to fill out Keno slip and your ticket gets printed instantly. I did it without any help!

For my money, the 9 spot game gives you a good chance of winning small WHILE dreaming of your chance to hit a big time jackpot. ($40,000 for all nine numbers, for ONLY $1)


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