For once, the fingers you see on Storrow Drive in Boston may actually be signaling “number one.” Because apparently, Massachusetts – home of the self-professed “Massholes” – is apparently the happiest state in America.

Wow. Were people really that happy to see Tom Brady lose?

Yes. But that wasn’t the only factor, according to the market research firm Top Data.

The agency used seven categories to determine each state’s overall “happiness”: personal finance, leisure activities, mental health, physical health, employment, personal relationships, and social policies.

All six New England states ranked in the top 15, with Connecticut finishing third. But the Bay State finished on top, placing in the top ten in employment (3rd), mental health (9th) and leisure activities (10th).

Well, no wonder Frasier is moving back to Boston!

Vermont came in 10th, Rhode Island 11th, New Hampshire 12th and Maine 14th. (New Hampshire ranked 1st in Top Data’s assessment of happiness over personal finance.)

Maine, meanwhile, ranked number one for lowest depression rate. (Which makes sense, as even its most evil creatures like to dress up and entertain children.)

Massachusetts has been on the upswing for several months now in a few different studies focusing on livability. Back in the fall, one city was ranked both the best for raising a family, as well as one of the safest in the nation for trick or treating on Halloween.

Around the same time, another city was ranked one of the most “smiley” in all of the U.S.

For traditionalists, don’t panic: a study on Boston’s traffic proved that some things never change. (Though if drivers are complaining, at least they sound smart doing it.)

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