The Seacoast will be affected by a nor'easter type storm Tuesday but the exact impact has yet to be determined.

National Weather Service forecaster John Cannon told Seacoast Current the storm will be moving up the coast Tuesday morning potentially bringing with it 2-4 inches of heavy rain, strong winds and coastal splashover.

A Gale Watch is in effect for the coastal Seacoast area starting Tuesday morning for northeast winds 20 to 30 knots with gusts up to 45 knots and possible seas 9 to 14 ft.

"I can tell you it's going to be quite an intense storm, I can tell you it's going to be somewhere off the southern New England coast Tuesday into early Wednesday," Cannon said.

But the exact track of the storm is not yet completely set, according to Cannon.If the storm tracks to the south of Nantucket that would mean less of an impact than a more northerly track.

"The computer models have been all over the place on this one so there's a lot of uncertainty," Cannon said. "It doesn't take much. A 50 to 100 mile shift in the track either way. Further off shore very little would happen. 50 t0 100 miles to the north and west brings some of the higher impact weather into the Seacoast region.

Cannon said that being the first nor'easter of the season also makes it difficult to forecast.

After a break from rain on Thursday clouds move back in on Friday with showers expected Friday night through Saturday night.

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