Not only is it apple season in NH, there are just way too many of them! Use this centuries old New England favorite to deliciously devour them in a low maintenance manner. Apple Pan Dowdy!

The ladies from America's Test Kitchen have a very nice segment above that is not as low maintenance as my introduction has promised. But you do get a good bit of history as well as a Dinah Shore impression.

When I think of Apple Pan Dowdy, I think of my Ma with a bushel of apples that have seen better days. She makes about 5 gallons worth of basic apple pie filling and puts it into every available pan or dish, and then covers that pan or dish with basic pie dough.

It bubbles over a bit and it's awesome.

That's it!

After all, the word 'Dowdy' derives from a Middle English word 'Doude' which translates to 'inelegant'.

Don't overthink it, and, ENJOY!

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