Humans and their canine companions take to the remote Maine woods in a unique survival challenge show. Here's when to catch it on TV, or streaming.

There are some Mainers who really know their way around the remote wilderness. It's been proven a variety of times on notational TV shows.

First, there was Ryan Holt, who made his debut on Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid back in 2015. Holt has made numerous returns to the show after proving himself to be a master of bushcraft. He most recently appeared on Naked and Afraid XL Legends back in April. Then there's Zachary Fowler, who in 2017 was a contestant History Channel's show Alone. Zach won the season after surviving for 87 days in Patagonia.

In this case, Maine is the setting for a new survival reality show. Called to the Wild follows teams of survivalists, alongside their canine companions, as they attempt to survive off the land for 10 days.

National Geographic describes the show as: "Human and dog teams test their bond by embarking on a survival challenge in the remote Maine wilderness. These men and women must rely on their skills, instincts —and their dogs — to build shelter, scent food, ward off predators, and battle the elements."

The teams are equipped with only what they have on their backs when they're dropped in the remote wilderness near Rangeley.

The season features six episodes, which air on the National Geographic Channel and Disney +. New episodes air Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

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