Do you consider yourself a Winter enthusiast? No? You are counting down the days until Spring, you say? Well, this video is going to make you fall in love with Winter all over again. IM SERIOUS! The joy this chicken is experiencing makes our pale, dry skin, and our sore backs from shoveling all worth while.

A gal named Lindsay decided to grace the Twitter-net with this gem of a video and we can't thank her enough. I have watched this chicken go sledding about 37 times and something tells me I'm not done yet.

Before you watch this video there are a few important facts you need to know:

  • The video was filmed in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
  • The Chicken's name is Teddy Nugget (I feel like knowing that will make the video that much more enjoyable)
  • We asked Teddy's people if he plans to attempt any other Winter sports such as Skiing or Snowshoeing next. Teddy has refused to comment.

Lindsay was VERY shocked to see the reaction from the Twittersphere on her awesome video of Teddy. She Tweeted a few days ago "have I gone viral?!!?". I would say yes, girl. Yes, you have.The story was picked up by Sports Blogs, Yahoo News, even news sites in the UK! People are hungry for lighthearted content these days that make them feel joy. This video delivered in a big way.

To all my chicken owners out there: Do your chickens partake in any activities that are uncharacteristic of chickens? Tell us about it in the comments!

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