It wasn't until I pulled away that I realized how genuinely creepy I was, but I swear it was completely innocent and an absolute mistake. But let me give you the background first.

I was pulling up to the three-way intersection of Center Street, York Street, and Fore Street in Portland -- right down the street from the Cross Insurance Arena, One City Center, Aura, and the Time and Temperature Building. Off to the right next to the brick sidewalk is a landscaped area of dirt with some bushes planted in. Nothing has ever stood out there before when I've been at that set of lights, but today was different.

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This morning, there was a thinner man with wavy dark hair, holding onto a leash while his dog was sniffing around, presumably for a place to go to the bathroom. He was talking to a blonde woman with shorter hair who was also shorter than him. Like many others, while waiting for sets of lights to turn green, I scan the area. And that's when I noticed the man I just described. And I just stared.

And kept staring.

And stared a little more.

Because this man looked exactly like Tom Pelphrey, the actor who plays Ben on the Netflix show Ozark.

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It wasn't until the van in front of me started going that I not only realized the light turned green, but also realized that the man talking to the woman kept staring back at me off and on with a slightly puzzled, slightly annoyed look on his face. And it wasn't until I was halfway through the intersection that I realized what an absolute creep I was, just staring at that random guy for a solid 30 seconds without breaking contact.

So, to that random guy just trying to take his dog out to pee and maybe fertilize the bushes they were standing near, I'm super sorry. I'm not normally a creep, I just couldn't get over that I finished binge-watching Ozark last weekend and you looked exactly like Ben from the show. And ironically were talking to a blonde woman that could've been reminiscent of Ruth Langmore.

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