Change your breakfast game with the bbq breakfast from 'Epic Meal Time!' I have enough time in the morning before work to cook a nice breakfast.  Usually I go with bacon and eggs with toast, sometimes I'll throw home fries in the mix.  Other days my wife will make pancakes or french toast.  Recently we have been eating cereal, basically because we have run out of ideas.  I need some variety, I'm sick of plain old bacon and eggs, pancakes and french toast, and cereal just isn't enough.  Then I saw this video created by the fine folks at 'Epic Meal Time.'  They have taken two things I love, breakfast and barbecue and combined them to make an unbeatable morning meal.  Pulled pork pancakes, bacon bit corn bread french toast, fried chicken waffles, bbq deviled eggs, and deep fried pancake sausage are just some of the highlights.  Enjoy!