After we have gone through this pandemic, it has made us look at everything a little closer.  Some things, just out of boredom.  For instance, I never really looked that closely at my shoe closet.  Suddenly, I needed to rearrange and throw out some old shoes.  That one, was out of boredom.

Then there were other things that we did out of necessity.  Those things that ate at us as something that we needed to get to, but they weren't much fun like, finances.  How healthy are they?  Do you need to save more?  How much is in your 401K, things like that.  I have a friend of mine who constantly looks at these things and I admit, I do like to do so as well from time to time, but most of all, I like to do creative things and finances, most of the time, don't fit in to that category.

There's a lot of things that we could do for our physical health that is all over the internet, but I have found a few things for you and for me that we could do to improve our financial health.  I hope these help.  When I win the lottery tonight, however, I won't need any of these things, I'll just have to hire a lawyer.  One that I trust.  I used to work for them and I can tell you, they aren't all bad.

By the way, I need a financial planner besides these tips that I've given you here.  If you know of one, please send 'em my way, will ya?  Just a side note on that.... Did you know that the CEO of Fidelity is a woman by the name of Abigail Johnson?  She's a BILLIONAIRE!!

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