According to this employee of Starbucks, if you have any love for the barista's at this establishment, DO NOT ORDER THE UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO!

I guess the new concoction from Starbucks dropped today, it's called the Unicorn Frappuccino. Here's the description from the Starbucks website:

Here for a few days only: The flavor-changing, color-changing, totally not-made-up Unicorn Frappuccino. Magical flavors start off sweet and fruity transforming to pleasantly sour. Swirl it to reveal a color-changing spectacle of purple and pink. It's finished with whipped cream-sprinkled pink and blue fairy powders.

Ok, so that's real clever and descriptive, but that doesn't tell me much at all, like, what the hell does it taste like? What fruit flavors are involved or should I just expect to taste sweet and sour, like in the description?

Anyway, that's not the point of this post. Apparently these drinks are difficult to make and they are in high demand because they are new and different. This makes for a wacky day for the baristas as you can tell from the hilarious video below.

Unfortunately this dudes video went nuts on the internet and he'll probably be fired for telling people NOT to order the new specialty drink.

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