Hey, you know what's coming up? Fathers Day (it's this Sunday). You know what else is coming up? The 4th of July. So, what would be the prefect patriotic gift for Fathers Day? Obviously the answer is the USA Beer Mitt! If you're not using one of these when you're drinking beer, you're doing it wrong!

How ridiculous is this thing? So ridiculous that it's awesome and a must own for America loving beer guzzlers.

Honestly, I wouldn't be upset if I received the USA Beer Mitt as a gift for Fathers Day, even if it's the only present I get.

In fact, I'd be pretty pumped. I believe that gift gives you an all day drinking pass, right? I mean, you have to test it and make sure it works.

Keep your hand warm, your beer cold and never let it go with the USA Beer Mitt. Happy Fathers Day indeed!

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