The legendary lead voice of the band Boston, Brad Delp, passed away ten years ago today. This is the 2014 article about my final interview with him that was recorded on 3/7/07.

June 12th, 2014. Brad Delp, lead singer of Boston, would have turned 63 on this day. A New England native and New Hampshire resident, he was approachable and down to earth off the stage which was in stark contrast to his seemingly unreachable high-powered vocal range on stage.

I'd had a couple very brief encounters with him prior to this interview and he was always as cool, friendly and interesting as you'd expect him to be. If I feel comfortable with the person I'm interviewing, the prep work is short and the conversation always runs long. This was about 30 seconds of prep and it ran 7 minutes longer than my allotted time. It would be the last time I spoke to him, in less than two days he was gone.

This interview was originally recorded on an Iomega Zip Disc that was converted to a WAV file and sent to WMUR-TV with my permission. They had it on their website for a few days, it was taken from there and then posted on YouTube by mojorisen74 (without my knowledge or permission) but it's a nicely edited and respectful post that many people have watched to help memorialize Brad. After you listen to this interview, you are very much encouraged to play all your Boston recordings as loud as possible!

RIP Brad Delp

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