People are still talking about the NYC woman who was swimming off the coast of Harpswell, around Bailey Island, when she was apparently attacked by a Great White and lost her life.  It's not the shark's fault, that's what they do.

Greg Skomal, a shark specialist with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries says in an article in Time Magazine

They’re not vindictive or mad or angry or preferring human flesh. They just occasionally make a mistake. And it’s tragic when they do....... As we restore top predators, the potential for these interactions could increase.

The Time Magazine article also cites the increased seal population that might be bringing the great whites farther North.  Seals are a favorite prey of large sharks like the Great White.  Seals have been protected for decades and the increased population has brought the sharks here for one of their favorite tasty treats.

This weekend, I am headed to Rockland, Maine to see my step-daughter and to celebrate my sister's birthday.  We HAD planned on doing some kayaking in the ocean.  I said yesterday that I would have no hesitation going in to the water, but the more I hear about the warnings people are putting out not to go in the water above your waist and the increased seal population we talked about here, I don't know.  I might just skip swimming in the ocean and go for just sitting on the beach with a drink and a book.  That sounds just right to me.

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