After the 2021 removal of the Corkscrew, I have been wondering "what's next?". For years, I have visited Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH, with friends, family, and camp members. Every year, the joys of Canobie Lake Park never stopped. But, just like any other amusement park, rides come and go.

It was recently announced that Canobie Lake Park will be bringing a new attraction for the 2023 season. A new ride called Nebulaz. This will be the newest attraction since the double-decker carousel (Venetian Carousel) which is located near the fountains (next to Sky Ride).

It makes sense that Nebulaz would replace the land where the Corkscrew once sat. However, that may not actually be the case.

Upon checking out the Canobie Lake Park website, I noticed that a couple of things were missing.

While scrolling through the list of attractions, three classic Canobie Lake Park attractions were not listed. Now, this does not mean that Canobie Lake Park will not have these attractions next season or in the future, they could be going under refurbishment, Canobie Lake Park has not yet made any announcements.

What rides are missing from their website?

The three attractions that I cannot seem to find are:

The Boston Tea Party

The Pirate Ship

Davinci’s Dream (The Swings)

All three are iconic rides at Canobie Lake Park. I honestly think that I spent the majority of my childhood on Davinci's Dream, I just loved being up in the air. The real shocker here though is The Boston Tea Party.

It is hard to imagine a hot summer day without my favorite water ride. Luckily, no matter what we will have Castaway Island.

Again, just because these rides are not listed on the website, does not mean that we may never see them again. While visiting Screeemfest this year, I know that the Pirate Ship and The Boston Tea Party were both closed, so it very well could be that they took them off the website during that time for visitors.

When and if Canobie Lake Park provides a press release, I will definitely keep you updated.

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