Summers are short in Maine, which means enjoying every single second of the few warm days that exist each year is important. Fresh off a day at the beach, many people in the Pine Tree State may find themselves behind the wheel of an automobile without shoes and sandals on. But is it illegal to operate a vehicle while barefoot?

It Is Not Illegal to Drive Barefoot in Maine...With Conditions

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According to, there is no law in Maine on the books that forbids an individual from operating a motor vehicle while barefoot. But there are a couple of stipulations. Those that have attempted driving barefoot may come away from the experience feeling like the pedals were a little slippery without the traction of shoes. If an operator of a motor vehicle is found to be at fault in an accident and it was due to the driver being barefoot, additional penalties could be brought forth in the same style of distracted driving.

What Fines or Penalties Could a Driver Face?

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According to, if a driver operating a vehicle while barefoot is found at fault for an incident in which being barefoot was considered a cause, they could be cited under Maine's distracted driver law. Fines for a first time offender are $50. Fines can escalate of repeat offenders up to $250 per offense.


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