Alright, I don't want to out myself here. But there is nothing more liberating than stepping off the beach and driving home with bare feet. When your car windows are down and the sun is beaming down on your arms and there are still a few grains of sand stuck between your toesies, all feels right in the world.

I have been driving barefoot since that faithful day I got my license many moons ago, but it got me thinking: is driving barefoot in New Hampshire illegal? Does "No Shirt, No Shoes" equal a big fat ticket when you are behind the wheel?

Long story short, driving barefoot is not Illegal in New Hampshire. However, it is not the safest move.

According to, there are no laws on record about wearing shoes while behind the wheel. Even so, you may want to think twice before driving barefoot, because even though you aren't at risk of being ticketed, there are some serious dangers associated with barefoot driving. Basically, you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk!

The site goes on to outline those risks:

  • Barefoot driving can be distracting for some drivers
  • You’re missing out on the improved traction offered by shoes
  • You risk lacerations and other injuries to your feet if involved in an accident
But on the other side of the coin, if barefoot driving was that bad, wouldn't there be laws regulating it? Clumsy shoes like flip-flops and high heels are actually worse than driving barefoot, because they can get in the way while driving, or worse, slip off the pedal.
According to, the safest footwear to drive in is a pair of comfortable, closed-toe shoes. Think Vans slip-ons! However, you need to make the best decisions for your safety when driving a car. In some circumstances, barefoot might be better than the shoes you have on!

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