Let's call 'The Broomstick Challenge' what it really is, a prank. I honestly think this is a lame prank compared to what I'm calling 'The NH Broomstick Challenge' which is a much better burn.

My Grampy 'taught' me this prank under the guise that it's a really amazing trick and he wasn't lying.

I like this British version where the promise of 'Vanishing Water' is a lot more enticing than my Grandfather's 'Just hold this up there, it'll be a great trick' technique.

On the plus side of Gramp's prank, he used a paper cup and he had about an 9 foot reach so there were no ladders involved or an awkward counter climb. Also, you didn't have to worry about damaging any cereal bowls.

The payoff depends on how dramatic the victim is, I mean, it's a few ounces of water falling a few feet from the ceiling, not exactly worth punishing someone by 'not going away on Holiday this summah'.

This is way better than just standing a broomstick on its bristles!

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