Chances are if you know anyone that grows asparagus, you probably haven't seen much of it yet because it's indescribably good in this early season and they're probably hiding it from you. Growing it yourself is easier than you think.

If you can get past the creepy automated voice, this video shows you how to plant and maintain asparagus. It's as easy as watching the grass grow, and that's basically all your doing!

WARNING: Once you've tried it fresh you'll never look at it the same way again.

Here's a great recipe from Coach Emma at Fit Body Transformations in Brentwood.

Since I provided the fresh picked asparagus I'd like to take FULL CREDIT for the deliciousness of the recipe, but I suppose having my name in the title WITH additional commentary that it's "THE BEST DAMN SNACK EVER". That will suffice. :)

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