Fresh Vibes Cafe will be your new place to get your morning fuel in Rochester.

Coffee cup on a wooden table.
Valentyn Volkov

I'm psyched to see that not only are storefronts being filled in downtown Rochester, but a new coffee shop should fit in quite well.

Fresh Vibes Cafe is hoping to open later this month, and will also serve food from local sources.

According to;

Owner Kristina Enis, who grew up in Rochester and Alton, said her breakfast and lunch spot will serve a “little bit of everything” that Rochester doesn’t already have, including fresh breakfast and lunch options, some vegetarian and vegan dishes, and downtown’s only coffee bar.

Once open, Fresh Vibes Cafe hopes to open from 6am -3pm every day to start, and will a discount to veterans as well as military and public personnel.

The cafe will also offer free wireless internet.

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