The increase in some meter rates take effect July 1.


The meter rates is increasing from 75 cents to $1 per hour. There will be no change in the meter rates for the parking garage or surface parking lots.

The Transportation Center and River Street will not see any rate changes for all-day parking.

It has been a while since the last time the parking rates were increased. That was in 2009, when the only metered locations in Dover were the Orchard Street and Belknap Street lots, as well as Henry Law Avenue.

When downtown Dover was metered in 2011, there was an outcry regarding having to pay for parking, and how the merchants were going to suffer.

Well, it seems that outcry was for not, as the downtown area is thriving, there's a new parking garage and the need for another.

Like most other things, we just get used to paying for things that used to be free.