Judas Priest has released "Crown of Horns," the third single from their upcoming album Invincible Shield.

You can hear the song below.

"Crown of Horns" offers a tantalizing mix of the traditional Judas Priest power metal crunch, seamlessly blended with a more melodic sheen on the verses that might take longtime fans by surprise. "The components of that song, they’re not that unusual. But it’s the way you put the arrangements together," vocalist Rob Halford shares in an exclusive interview. "We’ve never been a formula band, but when we move into a texture that we’re kind of comfortable with -- or it’s an experience that we’re just kind of re-imagining -- then you expect to find something extra within that constructive idea, to give it a fresh look and feel."

The singer admits that the results are surprising, even to his ears -- but for a different reason. "God, the band sounds so young," he laughs. "It sounds like a young bunch of metal heads banging it out. That’s just great, 50 years later, to still be having all of those important elements, the passion, the drive, the energy and the enthusiasm. It hasn’t diminished one bit."

The New Album Has a Big Sound

While Judas Priest has often had elaborate production on their albums, Invincible Shield takes things to the next level -- something which Halford immediately credits producer Andy Sneap for. "Andy’s a truly talented man. He’s been producing for a long time," the Metal God explains. "He’s produced a lot of bands. If you look at his resume, he’s been with a tremendous amount of strong, powerful people in music."

"He loves Priest -- and he couldn’t believe that he had the opportunity to work with us initially on Redeemer of Souls. And then, of course, because of circumstances with Glenn [Tipton]'s challenges, he’s now with us on the stage," Halford continues. "We have this even tighter relationship when it comes to making records together. He’s so articulate in the studio."

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Invincible Shield arrives on March 8. The group will hit the road in April to begin a lengthy tour in support of the album with Swedish metal band Sabaton opening all of the shows.

Hear Judas Priest Perform 'Crown of Horns'

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