It is wild to think about how much our world has changed in the last few decades.

In 2004, cellphones were a convenience, and most of us still had a landline.  In 2024, cellphones are a necessity for daily life, and almost no one has a landline.  In 2004, we all had cable or satellite.  These days, almost everything we watch is streamed.  In 2004, large companies needed to have huge office spaces.  In 2024, a significant portion of people now work remotely.

The last few decades have brought on big changes in dating, too.

In 2004, a lot of people used dating sites, but many others still assumed there was something wrong with you if you used a dating site.  In 2024, huge numbers of people use dating apps and sites.

What may surprise people is that many of the country's most rural states were the biggest adopters of online dating.  For example, in 2023, Maine was the state with the highest percentage of Tinder users.

If you think about it, it makes sense.  It is far more difficult to meet new people in rural states.  In the cities of California, Massachusetts, and New York, you have the potential to meet new people every day.  That is not the case in Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont.

Even though we have a lot of people using dating apps and sites, New England has some of the safest states for meeting people online.

The best states for online dating safety

According to a report issued by Privacy Journal, the safest states for online dating are in New England.

The top states are:

  • 3 - New Hampshire (82.44 rating)
  • 2 - Maine (82.67 rating)
  • 1 - Vermont (87.54 rating)

These states are among the safest because of their lack of violent crime, lack of online dating scammers, and limited STD transmission rates.

The worst states are:

  • 48 - Georgia (43.16 rating)
  • 49 - Alaska (41.22 rating)
  • 50 - Nevada (32.70 rating)

One of the biggest concerns with online dating in Nevada is the number of dating scammers.  The state ranks second in romance scam reports per 100,000 residents, fourth in identity theft reports, and third in fraud.

You can read the full report HERE.

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