Local photographer Dave Dostie has been out the entire week, capturing the essence of this terrible storm through photos.

Most of us are still out of power so we are unable to see the effect this historic storm has had on a state. But thanks to Dave and other photographers, we have an idea of the damage this has caused.

Here's what we know so far...

According to Bangor Daily News, Governor Janet Mills has already declared a state of emergency. Warming shelters are now open statewide to help Mainers cope with the cold. Unlike previous storms, the Maine Emergency Management Agency did not issue a pre-storm news release this time.

The winds were historic, with one Maine town of Trescott reaching 100 MPH gusts, as per the Bangor Daily News.

As the article says, the outage count reached its highest point, going even higher than 420,000, shortly after the storm abated late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

If you have gone outside to see the destruction, you would agree that it's something that should be documented.

Below is a gallery of what Dave Dostie has witnessed and captured of this terrible storm that hit Maine and the Northeast.

An Inside Look At The Horrific Damage The Storm Caused in Maine

Local photographer has captured the essence of this horrific storm in Maine and the pictures take us all by surprise. 

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