Camden National Bank has secured a spot on Forbes' prestigious list. This list was put out in 2023, and is called "World’s Best Banks". Earning a coveted spot among U.S. banks recognized is our very own Camden National!

This recognition comes from Forbes and Statista, involving a survey which gathered feedback from 48,000 banking customers across 32 countries, as per the report. 

Banks were assessed in different categories including digital services, customer service, financial advice, and trust.

During my time working at a local credit union in Lewiston, Maine, years ago, I was a teller and marketing assistant, but found my niche in marketing rather than the "mathing" of teller duties. I admit, I am not good with numbers.

So cheers to the employees of Camden, because you are what makes this bank stand out (and also maybe the $5.0 billion in assets, just sayin').

Banks and financial institutions have stood the test of time, with roots dating back centuries! Here's a Snapple fact for ya: Portland Bank, was Maine's very first bank, having been established in 1799, according to ISSUU.

Camden National Bank's President & Chief Executive Officer, Gregory Dufour, proudly attributed the ranking to the dedication of their employees.

Camden National has over 600 employees and was founded in 1850, according to an At A Glance report.

There you have it. Camden National is ranked as one of the world's best banks. Well done, Maine!

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