A family from Hartland went all out for Valentine's Day this year and it is beautiful.

According to Fox 22 News WFVX Bangor, This year, Crystal Davis, her fiancé Robert McDougal, and their children assembled more than three thousand Valentine's Day cards. This was to ensure there was one for every single student and staff member in the RSU 19 school district! I mean, how much more awesome can you get?

They call this the "Smile for Students" project, which includes giving Valentine's with lollipops or pencils to everyone at Nokomis Regional High School.

Crystal had been experiencing some health issues, but she and the family would not allow that to stop her from spreading the love. They have been generous supporters of the community for years, and this one would not be an exception.

According to the report, they got help from their sons to make and deliver all of the cards. The school staff appreciated their kindness, saying that it goes a long way.

They grabbed cards at discounted prices from places like Family Dollar in Pittsfield and Madison, and receiving generous lollipop donations from those stores helped the family with costs. They managed to assemble an impressive total of 3,803 Valentine's Day cards to distribute.

Four out of the couple's seven boys currently attending school played a crucial role in this, helping to put everything together.

Ryan Martin, the assistant principal of the school said,

In this day and age to have those acts of kindness can go a very, very long way. I know we truly appreciate the effort. It's not easy.

The family plans to keep spreading love in the future, wanting everyone to feel included on Valentine's Day.

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