We hear a lot of outrageous things, and at times, things are said that might seem believable. One such concerning statement involves the approval of teen drinking at home by parents. I wanted to cover this because this belief has the potential to cause danger, in my opinion. So is it true?

Let's put it this way. Back in high school, there was one house my mom did not let me visit. The reason? The parents let the teens drink and throw parties. They were dangerously progressive back then, and believed that since it all happened within the confines of their home and with their consent, it was okay to provide alcohol to their underage children.

The fact is, this is never okay (in my personal opinion), but what does Maine law have to say about it?

I have to say that initially I was genuinely taken aback because, the way this fact sheet was written made me believe this is illegal, but it turns out it's not.

Kelsey Chance via Unsplash
Kelsey Chance via Unsplash

Can underage teens drink alcohol in the home if approved by the parent(s) in Maine?

Let's first visit the minimum legal drinking age in the United States, which is 21 years old.

According to Maine.gov, under no circumstance is it okay to allow other children under the age of 21 to drink in your home. Even if you think it's okay for them to do so, it is very illegal.

However, if it is your child, it is not illegal. 

Maine law states that says a minor cannot drink alcohol, "except in a home in the presence of the minor's parent legal guardian or custodian, as defined in Title 22, section 4002."

Maine law also states that a minor may not purchase alcohol.

What happens if you break this Maine law?

If you do, you could get up to a year in jail and a $2,000 fine, according to Maine.gov.

Additionally, if someone gets hurt or dies from the alcohol you gave, you could face a felony. You can also be sued if kids drink at your place, and your home insurance may not cover serious injuries. You as a parent or guardian are responsible for injuries on or off your property, even if you are not there.

So, if you heard that letting your underage child drink alcohol in the privacy of your own home is allowed, you are correct. However, if anything happens to anyone else who is also drinking, steep penalties could occur.

For more information, please visit Maine.gov, they have a fact sheet they put together which explains underage drinking laws in Maine. 

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