The national news lately has been filled with all sorts of chaotic stuff, including a mysterious giant balloon and multiple other unidentified objects.

According to Bookies, Gen. Glen Vanherck, head of NORAD and U.S. Northern Command said he hadn’t “ruled out anything” when he was asked about the relationship between extraterrestrials and the mysterious flying objects we’ve been seeing lately.

These recent news stories have caused people to start Googling about aliens and UFOs but has Maine always been obsessed with extraterrestrials?

Maine and UFOs

Great Lake Stakes claims that Maine has the highest chance of supernatural sightings in the entire country based on records, while also taking population into account.

When it comes to UFOs and eerie stories, we’ve always been a bit of a creepy state for that kind of stuff. We have a ton of UFO sightings and ghost stories, haunted buildings and places, and you never really know what’s true or not.

Due to these things, Maine may always be in a constant state of obsession over these types of sightings, or maybe the recent news put a little scare in us.

States Obsessed With Aliens & UFOs

Bookies looked into which states are the most obsessed with aliens and UFOs after all the recent national news and Maine made it in the top 10 list.

The website looked into which states have been searching for “aliens”, “UFOs”, and “extraterrestrial life” over the last two weeks since all of these weird mystery objects started getting spotted.

Maine landed at No. 10 in the country with Alaska in the No. 1 spot.

While this national news definitely caused a stir, I personally think Maine is just always at a constant state of being intrigued, maybe even obsessed with aliens and UFOs.

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