The truth is out there. And so was this theory. At first…

Physicist Avi Loeb, a professor at Harvard (alma mater to talk show host Conan O’Brien, former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein, and writer The Unabomber) now says that he may have found fragments of alien technology in a meteor that crashed off the coast of Papua, New Guinea in 2014.

As is the case with any alien enthusiast, it’s typically best to take these findings with your finest grain of salt. However, things got interesting when the United States Space Command confirmed with 99.999 percent certainty that the materials studied by Loeb and his team at Harvard were from another solar system.

As Loeb explained to CBS:

“We found ten spherules. These are almost perfect spheres, or metallic marbles. When you look at them through a microscope, they look very distinct from the background. They have colors of gold, blue, brown, and some of them resemble a miniature of the Earth.”

I was kinda hoping it would be a lightsaber or that cool thing LaVar Burton wore around his eyes on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but – dude, we got spherules!!

Further analysis showed the material was made up of 84% iron, 8% silicon, 4% magnesium, and 2% titanium, with the rest being McRib (just kidding – it was “trace elements").

Loeb first made headlines as he closed in on the meteor back in March, sharing a detailed defense for what he himself labeled a “needle in a haystack” search. But it sounds like it paid off.

And where better than Massachusetts, recently ranked one of the most-prepared states when it comes to surviving an alien invasion?

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