If you've ever been to a Fools show, you know this intro:

"From Ipswich, Massachusetts, Home of the Fried Clam, It's The Fools!"

If you grew up in New England and listened to the radio (especially Boston radio), chances are, you know and love The Fools.  The band has been all over the world touring with the J. Geils Band, The Knack, and Van Halen.  They are a kick-ass rock band, and as it turns out, they've been together for 50 years.

Back in the day, when I was watching MTV, there was a band that I just loved.  Their songs, "Psycho Chicken", "It's a Night for Beautiful Girls", "She Makes Me Feel Big", "Life Sucks...Then You Die" and my favorite, "World Dance Party", always made me dance and laugh.  For me, if a song can do that, I'm a fan. And the Fools were all about dancing and laughing at life.  They still are.

The Fools on Boston Radio

I didn't realize that the band was born just down the road from me in Ipswich, Massachusetts, until I heard an interview with them on WBCN in Boston.  One of my favorite on-air jocks was Charles Laquidara, host of the Big Mattress Morning show, who had the band in their Boston studios.  In that interview, we learned where they were from, where they were playing, and how you could see them on MTV.  Cool!

A fan of the band, Karl the filmmaker, wants to make a documentary about them.  They would love to do it, but there are expenses with such a project.  You can help.  50 years is a lot of ground to cover, after all.

If you can help, click here to see a clip of the movie and make a donation.

The Fools know that you work hard for your money, so in exchange, you can actually get stuff for the donation (as if the documentary itself wasn't enough).  Check out all the stuff you can get!  

And like the commercial says, they are running out of time.  The GoFundMe page can only stay up for a certain number of days.  If you don't make the goal, you won't be funded.  Mike and the rest of the guys put all their love on that stage for the audience.  Now it's time for us to give back.

Have you ever seen The Fools in Concert?  The energy is so positive.  I just love 'em.

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