In the world of combat sports, there are those who step into the ring that are driven by more than just the desire to win. That is the case for Professional MMA Fighter and Professional Boxer Kam Arnold from Lewiston, currently living in Leeds, Maine.

According to UFC, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is "a full-contact combat sport that allows a wide variety of fighting techniques and skills from a mixture of other combat sports to be used in competition."

Kam embodies that exact feeling with a drive that goes beyond the boundaries of simple competition. Behind his powerful punches and kicks is a desire rooted in his personal journey and a commitment to his family and community.

I met Kam through his wife, Ciara, thanks to our kids' wrestling practices in Auburn. Kam stands out as one of the coaches, shining brightly in their sessions.

Kam Arnold via Facebook
Kam Arnold via Facebook

Kams journey is a testament to the transformative power of determination and resilience.

I was able to talk to Kam and uncover what inspires him as a top competitor in his sport.

With an amateur record of 6-0, all victories by knockout and a pro record of 2-1, he has shown his power as a fighter time and again. From his early days as an amateur to claiming the Bantamweight Championship of NEF, Arnold's fighting career is a testament to his dedication.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

Reflecting on his past, he told me as a small boy, he was full of dreams but plagued by insecurities. Uncertainty to strength is exactly what has helped to fuel his passion for fighting.

"I fight for the small boy I once was," Kam said.

However, Kam's motivations go beyond personal redemption. As a husband and father, he sees himself as that beacon of confidence for his daughters and wife.

Kam & Ciara Arnold via Facebook
Kam & Ciara Arnold via Facebook

Through his actions in the ring, he wants to show the essence of courage and to confront fear head-on.

"I fight for my daughters and wife so I can show them what confidence is supposed to be," he said.

This is a responsibility that he carries beyond the ring.

For this Maine fighter, fighting is not just a profession. It is a calling.

Kam's journey from dreaming of hockey stardom to embracing combat sports has molded him into the strong fighter he is today. He credits both the good and tough times for shaping his resilience.

Outside the ring, he gives back to his community. Whether coaching boxing in Gray or mentoring young wrestlers in Auburn, he's committed to shaping character through sports.

"Everything good and bad throughout my life has forged one hell of a fighter."

Kam Arnold's Next Fight

Kam is coming back to the NEF cage after more than four years away. The fight will take place on April 20 at the Cross Insurance Arena in Bangor, Maine, for NEW ENGLAND FIGHTS. Tickets here!

Looking to the future

Kam's resolve is unyielding. It is especially noticeable when I chat with his wife, Ciara, who is a full time working and homeschooling mother of three girls.

Kam and Ciara aren't just partners; they're true teammates in every aspect. They were married in a unique ceremony, marking the first and only wedding ever held inside the cage at New England Fight 39 in 2019.

Ciara Arnold
Ciara Arnold

Their support for each other is clear, with Ciara dedicating herself to Kam's chosen sport. She frequently provides advice and ideas for his fights, showcasing their strong partnership.

Kam gains his motivation from his family, expressing gratitude to them, along with his sponsors, for their support. "Just want to thank my wife, my girls, and my sponsors," Arnold acknowledges, emphasizing the pivotal role they play in fueling his journey.

In this Maine warriors story, we find more than just a fighter. We find a testament to the power of passion, purpose, and perseverance.

Through every punch thrown and every obstacle overcome, he stands as a light of inspiration for all Mainers who dare to dream and fight for what they believe in.

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