I won't sugarcoat it. The housing situation right now STINKS.

I feel like it has been years since it was a "good time" to buy or rent. The truth is, it feels like it is NEVER a good time to buy or rent.

With interest and inflation rates through the roof, 44 million American households have opted to rent rather than buy homes because of convenience, cost, other outside circumstances, etc, according to a WalletHub article.

Normally, renting is the cheaper choice. In years past, you could see a large difference between renting prices and mortgage prices.  Now, in 2023, that is not the case. Either way, renters and buyers are struggling.

"Inflation has significantly impacted rental prices, and 2022 saw the second-highest price growth in decades, a 6.2% year-over-year increase," according to WalletHub.

Basically, it is a bad time to need a place to live (shocking). BUT, people need a roof over their heads, and if they cannot buy one, they must rent.

So where is the best place to rent, without getting charged an arm and a leg?

Well, WalletHub conducted research from over 180 markets, and measured 21 key aspects of rentals to measure rental attractiveness and quality of life. Some of those factors include Affordable Rentals, Rental Vacancy Rate, Rent-to-Price Ratio, Cost of Living, and Safety.

Source: WalletHub

Out of the 180 cities evaluated, one of the top 10 cities to rent in the entire country was in New Hampshire: Nashua!

Nashua was listed as the second safest city, according to the study. To see the full study, check it out here.

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