On December 19, 2023, Oxford Street in Lewiston, along with Switzerland Road at St. Peter’s Cemetery, 217 Switzerland Road to Gulf Island Avenue, Tall Pines Drive from North Woods to Strawberry Avenue, Oxford Street at Cedar Street, River Street at Oxford Street, and other streets, found themselves swarmed with police officers in response to the Grinch Storm. Why? To evacuate their homes.

Here's what we know...

The surge in water levels posed a significant threat to nearby residents' safety and an evacuation notice was issued out, according to the city website. 

I was able to speak to a resident of Oxford Street in Lewiston. Her name is Hillary and she told me that an official evacuation mandated their departure from their homes by 5:00pm. However, the police were there earlier and commanded them to leave as a precautionary measure against potential flooding.

Hillary told me,

They were banging on our door, insisting that we leave. They waited outside to ensure we left. Although they specified 5 pm, they weren't allowing us to stay until then. They told us they didn't know when we could return due to the raising water levels.

Initially, Hillary mentioned the possibility of being accommodated at the nearby Ramada Hotel. However, the hotel was also without power at that time. Fortunately, Hillary's sister-in-law invited them to stay with them.

This is an unfamiliar situation for us, as many people are evacuating homes with only a moment to grab essentials. It's a challenging situation for thousands of Mainers at the moment.

However, we must place our trust in law enforcement enforcing this evacuation due to its hazardous nature.

Let's face it, I would rather be temporarily displaced from my home than risk any harm to me and my family. But at the same time, I understand how overwhelming this is.

For time being, we just have to hunker down and endure it.

There are resources in Lewiston. If you are a resident without a place to stay, please visit the Lewiston Website.

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