Men's Health is a magazine that focuses on fitness, nutrition, health, sex, style and all that embodies a man's lifestyle.

In celebration of their 35th anniversary, they are shining a spotlight on 35 of the most remarkable men who exemplify strength in all of its forms.

Travis Mills is one of those remarkable men.

SSG Travis Mills was critically injured by an IED while he was serving in Afghanistan. He is a quadruple amputee now and has used his trauma to inspire the world.

Travis is the founder of the Travis Mills Foundation, which gives assistance and support to post-9/11 recalibrated veterans and their families. They do this through programs created to help these courageous individuals and their families.

The Men's Health article on Travis highlights his journey and how he's overcome everything through perseverance and strength.

I implore you to read this specific quote below from the article which tells the story of what happened to Travis after he was blown up by an IED in Afghanistan and days later woke up in a German hospital, confused and with no arms or legs.

"He had lost more than his limbs and his job. His identity and purpose were gone, too. 'I didn’t know who I was,' he says. Unable to envision a future in which he was not a burden to those he loved, Mills told his wife, Kelsey, that she should leave him. She remained. Her loyalty steeled him. He told himself that if his wife had chosen him, that she and their infant daughter, Chloe, were reasons to resist bitterness and reclaim his life."

This magazine's latest edition was released yesterday, and the entire state is filled with pride to see Travis gracing the cover.

I have worked with Travis several times and each time I speak to him, he is gracious, charismatic and kind. It's who he always is.

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