Two waitresses in Massachusetts made out really good when a group of Peloton lovers tipped them massively.

This is such an interesting short, and it perked my ears right up and made me think about changing my profession for a minute.

According to WMTW, a truly dedicated community of Peloton enthusiasts known as the Wicked Smaht Zone continued their tradition of tipping restaurant servers in Massachusetts. This time, they went to the North Shore, where they enjoyed breakfast at Red's Kitchen and Tavern in Peabody.

The group then pooled together a sum of nearly $7,200, which they gave as a tip to their two shocked waitresses this past Monday.

The servers were totally caught off-guard according to the article, initially saying, "No, stop it", and "Are you kidding us?" Once it set in, they thanked the peloton loving group immensely.

This generous tip is not the first for this group, and has become a tradition for the Wicked Smaht Zone. Back in January 2022, they left a substantial tip of almost $4,000 for the staff at Lowell's Restaurant in Mendon, Massachusetts. The next year, they  continued the tradition, leaving a tip of over $4,600 for their server at Tavern on the Wharf in Plymouth.

Members of the Wicked Smaht Zone aspire to inspire others to engage in acts of kindness and make a difference in the lives of hard-working people.

What will your act of kindness be today? Will you pay it forward?

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