While attempting to attend to my garden at home the other day, I stumbled upon the most vividly red bug I'd ever seen.

I've embarked on my gardening journey recently, and let me tell you, it's been a bug's paradise out there. It's like they've all received invitations to the biggest backyard bash of the year. But all the bugs I've seen are species I've encountered many times before. When I see a bug, I normally just ignore it, but this bug demanded a second and third look.

I had no idea that these beautiful yet terrifying creatures took up space in our beautiful state of Maine. Let's talk about the illustrious red velvet mites. They are teeny teeny tiny and bright bright red, and are invading many of our yards and homes.

Remi Lynn recently posted on the Maine Insects Facebook page with a video and pictures of the red mite that she found, and I was so excited that someone else spotted one!

What are red velvet mites?

According to Study, these mites are also known as rain bugs, and are in the Trombidiidae family. When they're babies, they hitch a ride on other bugs, but when they grow up, they hunt and scavenge. Don't worry, though, they're harmless to us and don't bite or sting. But if they do invade your home in big numbers, they could become a nuisance. Take a peak at this YouTube video below of a larger red velvet mite posted by ViralHog.

This bug belongs to the arachnid family, which is why it looks like a teeny tiny spider. It's bright red and covered in tiny hairs all over its body. You'll find them chilling out in soil and gardens, which explains why I've seen them in my garden. This is their time of year, so keep an eye out for them in your yard too.

Have you seen Maine's red velvet mite yet?

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