You guys! This story has got my cuteness meter on high. Because according to News Center Maine, in a stroke of luck, the Marine Mammals of Maine came to the rescue of a gray seal pup discovered at Reid State Park in Georgetown.

Thank goodness this happened when it did, because we had that huge storm hit on the coast on Tuesday. The pup was saved just in the nick of time!

The Marine team noted that big storms can bring high surf and flooding, which makes marine mammals want to seek refuge onshore or displacing them onto land. That is what happened to one cute little baby seal pup.

The seal was struggling after being separated from its mama, as the article states.

The marine response team thinks the furry little explorer had wandered close to a quarter mile through the woods in search of safety, and they knew this because they spotted her tracks.

The article goes onto say that rescuers quickly transported the seal to a treatment facility, where she was given an IV of fluids and medication to help with a respiratory infection, as per the Marine Mammals of Maine's Facebook post. 

Katie Jenner is an administrative assistant at Marine Mammals of Maine, and she told News Center that the seal is in recovery, resting and getting lots of care.

We all hope that this cute little Maine seal continues to heal and gets back to her mama soon.

If you encounter a displaced mammal, MMoME asks you to call the Maine State reporting line at 1-800-532-9551.

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