This octagonal house is a style that was once a fad in the 1800s.

The Bangor Daily News dug into the style and why it was in vogue for New England in the mid-1800s. Apparently, the thought with an almost round house is that there's better airflow and lots of natural light. This house was not built in the 1800s, but in 1992 by an artistic couple. It IS very artsy.

What does this octagonal home offer?

It's got a great location of almost three-and-a-half acres on Deer Isle near downtown. It's a mere $389,000, which is pretty cheap compared to homes for sale in Portland.

One reason for that price tag could be the fact that with 3,000 square feet, it only has one bathroom and one bedroom. What?

There is an upstairs loft that you could turn into a second bedroom, but still. One bathroom and two bedrooms and 3,000 square feet? And every room is odd-shaped. Well, it's odd compared to the conventional rectangular home.

This is definitely a home for the artistic type. Great for parties and a total conversation starter. And although there aren't a lot of bedrooms or bathrooms, every room does seem to

This is totally unique, but the Bangor Daily News points out, it's not a one-of-a-kind. In Maine, there are 21 octagonal homes! I had no idea. When this was all the rage, most of the 1500 eight-sided homes were built in New York and New England. We had a thing for lots of corners back in the day.

It's a definite party house, but would you want to live in it? It's so curious! Maybe I would become artistic if I lived here.

I wonder where the other 21 stop sign-shaped homes in Maine are!

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