It's always so adorable when police departments add a new pup to the squad. In this case (no pun intended), Portland PD are introducing their newest member to their squad, and her name is Beli. She's two years young, and highly represents all the German shorthair pointers out there with her new duties.

What will Beli's role be at the station?

It's a good thing sweet little Beli loves to work, because she and her officer (Officer Davis) are about to be out protecting all the transportation hubs throughout the city. Her job is to keep Portland safe from crime WITH her partner in crime.

She's legit. Beli's got some serious training under her collar. Check this out:

It seems like Portland residents are so excited about the new K-9 addition. Here's some of the excitement seeping out of the comment section.

Shari Wilcox:
" Congratulations Officer Davis for your outstanding class work " and welcome aboard K9 Beli! I know Portland, Me will be a safer place with Beli and Officer Davis on our team! High Five !"


Rachael T:
"Congratulations Beli!! I knew that beautiful face when i saw it!!! Thank you for keeping us safe at the airport!"



"Nothing like a GSP.
Beautiful dog and very high energy !!"
I'm actually going on a business trip this upcoming weekend where I'm flying out of Portland. I cannot wait to meet this adorable pup, and I'll make sure to take pictures for you guys!

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