I mean, Maine is "Vacationland" after all, right? I love it when we make these big lists. As a resident of Portland, Maine, I will say that spring and summer are absolutely our times to shine. I'd argue that Maine is more known for the beautiful summer life over spring, but countryliving.com has a different opinion.

On their list of Best Spring Getaways in Every State, the "little big-town" as I call it, Portland, was the top pick for the state of Maine. I might not 100% agree with this, but I still love the recognition for my little town.

Typically, when out-of-staters think about visiting Portland, it's either for a bachelor/bachelorette trip, or some kind of family touristy vacation in the summertime. You don't typically hear about going on spring break here, but I'd say that it made the list because of what the transition of seasons looks like here.

Much like leaf-peeper season (typically around September-November), Portland's flowers tend to grow back around town very naturally. Have you ever been to the Western Prom? There's views for days up there. You can watch the sailboats get ready to de-winterize their boats and put them in the harbor from atop a big hill, or you can watch all the leaves finally grow back.

I guess it's all about perspective on this one, right? If you're looking for a spring getaway that involves warmer weather, I'd look for a different spot. However, if you're looking for a more wholesome, nature-driven type of trip, Portland could be your spot!

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