Boston Celtics NBA Champions

With cries of "The City of Champions is back" and "Title Town is back" echoing in the background while many laid their heads to rest, all of New England celebrated the Boston Celtics becoming NBA Champions on Monday, June 17, for a record-setting 18th time.

Also, in a sweet bit of irony that's very reminiscent of the Easter eggs that Swifties were finding involving Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, and the Super Bowl back in February 2024, the C's snagged their record-setting championship not only exactly 16 years to the day from their last win in 2008, but also on 6/17, which serves as the area code to the city.

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Boston Championship Parade

Of course, almost immediately after any New England sports team wins a championship, two questions run through fans' minds:

Woof. Do I really have to go to work tomorrow?

And, more importantly:

When is the championship parade?

In this case, to celebrate the Boston Celtics championship win, between the incoming heatwave as well as Boston schools wrapping up their school years this week, the parade will happen this Friday, June 21.

And whether you decide to call out of work on Friday and venture out for the first time possibly all week to enjoy temperatures that won't immediately dehydrate you and make you miserable and celebrate the Celtics, or you decide to wait for a future championship parade -- at some point in your life, you need to go.

You don't even need to be a sports fan to necessarily enjoy the parade, because quite honestly, it's not even necessarily about watching the members of the championship team parading through the city in duck boats.

It's more about the whole vibe of the atmosphere and environment and enjoying what is essentially one massive block party throughout the city.

So, with that in mind...

5 Tips for the Best Experience at a Championship Parade in Boston

Live your best life and celebrate!

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