If you or any generation of your family grew up in or spent a significant amount of time in New England, then without a doubt you've heard your parents or grandparents talk about that one crazy week almost 50 years ago.

Nothing like it has been seen since, and who knows if anything will ever match those unreal few days in February 1978.

Photo courtesy of the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management / WGME via YouTube
Photo courtesy of the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management / WGME via YouTube

Blizzard of '78

The blizzard may have only lasted two days, but the impact was felt all week for some, and way beyond that for others, depending on where in New England they were located.

On February 6 and February 7, 1978, a storm swept through New England that a lot of areas truly just weren't ready for and definitely weren't expecting the impact it actually brought with it.

According to WCVB Boston, it was like the perfect storm of a nor'easter, blizzard, hurricane and tropical storm all rolled into one massive weather event, which saw over two feet of snow dumped in Boston, other areas of Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

WGME via YouTube
WGME via YouTube

Blizzard of '78 in Maine

While Boston and areas of New Hampshire dealt with being pounded by over two feet of snow, Coastal Maine (as well as areas of Coastal Massachusetts) were dealing with a completely different issue.

While not much snow fell in those areas, it was more the destruction caused by the horrendous winds and over five-foot waves that came crashing down along coastal homes and structures (like the Old Orchard Beach Pier) that left areas in ruins.

According to WMTW, the Pier as we know it today was reopened two years later, but the sights of the destruction caused along all Coastal New England areas have never been forgotten, both in memories and in photos.

A Look Back: Coastal Massachusetts Destruction By Blizzard of '78

Flooded roads, downed power lines, homes destroyed, damaged boats and lobster shacks -- you name it, it happened.

Gallery Credit: Jadd

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